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The Rekić family

Eastern Bilogora has always been covered with large deciduous forests dominated by oak. When the Turks conquered cities of Virovitica and Zdenci in 1552 they had a need for a contact between those two cities. Therefore they were looking for the shortest roads that were leading right across the forests of eastern Bilogora. Along these roads, villages like Velika Peratovica, Mala Peratovica, Lončarica, Velika Dapčevica, Mala Dapčevica and Dapčevački Brđani soon appeared.

Part of the forest in which villages Velika Dapčevica and Mala Dapčevica were developed was characterized by tall oak trees. Since the word “dub” means “oak” in the Old Slavonic, this part of the forest and the stream below were named Dubčevica. After some deforestation, villages Velika Dubčevica and Mala Dubčevica appeared. They were later renamed and, by the word of mouth, became known as Velika Dapčevica and Mala Dapčevica.

Mala Dapčevica began to form by the construction of the first houses starting from the intersection with Lončarica and further into the inland. Houses were built so that they were in the central part of the property. Therefore, the village got its scattered look. The houses were grouped across the hills while huge meadows with flowing streams were in the central part of the village. Between the hill Vinogradine and Skrdovica forest, on a hill like this, some houses were built by the Rekić family. That is how Rekića brijeg got its name.

The first homes in the village, as well as courtyard houses, were first built of timber and mud, and later of rammed earth. Due to frequent fire breakouts, the construction of brick houses soon started. At that time, on the road between Rekića brijeg and Vinogradine a brickyard was set up where they made bricks used for house construction in Mala Dapčevica and surrounding villages. The village continued to grow and according to the first official census in 1857, there were 132 inhabitants. Population had started to increase until after the Second World War when the population began to drop so much that according to the last census in 2011, there were only 3 inhabitants living at the entrance of the village.

Due to the fact that people left the villages, meadows and fields turned into the woods. So now you arrive to Rekića brijeg and Villa Bilogore by a road going through the forest. If you decide to go on foot you can enjoy the unforgettable smell of Slavonian oak, and in the summer you can even enjoy the sweet taste of wild blackberries that grow along the road.

Oak forests motives of eastern Bilogora were inspiration for a watercolor artist Aleksandar Sasa Bogdanovic for a series of paintings, some of which found their place on the walls of Rekić family houses. What is more, one of those paintings is kept in the City Museum in Vrsac (Serbia) as a work of great value.


Villa Bilogore, tucked among the oak forests, is located on Rekića brijeg in the village Mala Dapčevica, municipality Grubišno Polje. Villa Bilogore is the family house of the Rekić family built in 1928. Its restoration was started in 2008. Since then, a lot of effort has been made; a lot of hard work and, above all, love was invested into the villa. It was transformed into an oasis of peace and beauty, initially for family members and friends only, but now it welcomes all hedonists and people who love to enjoy the unique nature and traditional dishes that are typical of the area.

Villa Bilogore, built of brick, has a typical layout of a house of the region from the early 20th century. Houses of the time consisted of three rooms: a bedroom, kitchen and a pantry. The bedroom floor was rammed and covered with narrow cloths and carpets. The kitchen had no attic and it had an open fireplace lined with bricks or stones. A pot with a chain was hooked, on the attic beam, in which the food was cooked. Smoke would go to the loft where pork, bacon and sausages were hooked to dry.

Next to the house, on the past Rekić family property there were compulsory premises for livestock and poultry, a woodshed, granary, grain barn, bread oven and a well. In addition, there was a small carpenter’s workshop in which modest furniture and other wooden items necessary for the household were made. From all the above, only the well has retained its original appearance from the beginning of the 20th century, which was completely reconstructed, while the bread oven was built again. So that after many years a unique smell of homemade bread spreads around the property, as well as the smell of roasted chestnuts in the autumn.

There is no carpentry workshop anymore, but the tradition of wood processing has been continued, therefore, wood and furniture made of oak prevails in the Villa Bilogore, which offers a special warmth and charm.

Villa Bilogore, preserved in its original appearance, along with forest and meadows that surround it, offers you a unique cuisine and authentic atmosphere.

In his work “The Origin of the Rekić family from Mala Dapčevica village” Petar Pero Rekić, a retired teacher, noted down not only the family tree but also loads of listed but somewhat forgotten information about the village.

The Rekić family migrated to this region of eastern Bilogora in the early 18th century from the north of Bosnia, where they in turn had come from Sandzak fleeing from the Turks. Teodor Rekić is considered to be the founding father of the family who settled in Mala Dapčevica.

The family was being expanded while the houses were being built. As a result, a new estate of the Rekić family was built after which the whole hill was named Rekića brijeg.

Villa Bilogore was built by Bogoljub Rekić in the first half of the 20th century. His son Ljuban inherited the place. Ljuban’s great-grandchildren started the restoration in 2008 with the idea of gathering the family members that are now scattered far from Rekića brijeg and Mala Dapčevica at one place where it had all started, at least once a year.

Why are we doing this


The idea of the reconstruction of the house had appeared a lot before we started the works. We started this whole adventure with the idea to create a place where we can gather family and friends so that we can enjoy together far away from our daily obligations.


The reasons for coming to Rekića brijeg soon became more habitual. And perhaps we constantly made them up wishing to spend at least one afternoon in peace and quiet enjoying the smell of the forest, as well. People would enjoy every moment spent there, and then when they would go home, they would talk to their friends about this unique atmosphere. So they started bringing their friends over in order to assure them that such place really existed.

Realizing that people desire to return to nature as much as possible, we decided to accommodate all those who want to organize their celebrations in a different ambiance or simply want to come, relax and enjoy nature and our specialties in Villa Bilogore.

Why us?


Villa Bilogore, situated in the forest and far away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the city, offers a special atmosphere to all its guests primarily because of its location and fantastic nature that surrounds it. Silence and almost dreamlike peace will let you recharge your batteries and go back to your daily routine full of new, positive energy.

If you wish to organize any kind of celebration, team building event or some other occasion, Villa Bilogore offers you a complete privacy, superior service and the possibility of making any kind of arrangement.


Vile Bilogore

Catering capacity


Guests have a dining room, a kitchen with all the equipment and a bathroom at their disposal in Villa Bilogore. There are two large terraces with large tables, a barbecue, a bread oven with additional kitchen, and a large children’s playground outside.

Guests have our chef and a waiter at their service who will, with timely notice, arrange traditional cuisine with superior service.

Villa Bilogore is an ideal place for various events:

  • day trip
  • team building event
  • business lunch
  • children’s birthdays with animators,
  • banquet and various other activities
  • We organize outdoor weddings from 20 to 400 people. We make an offer according to your wishes and ideas. We are serving guests for tables or a buffet.
  • We can come to you and serve your guests before the wedding together with our equipment and inventory.
  • In front of the property there is a spacious parking lot, and we can arrange the accommodation of your guests in hotels and rooms at reasonable prices.
  • Every wedding is a special story. Please contact us and hear about our unique offer.

Accommodation capacity

Dining room equipped with a couch and a sofa offers lodging for three people.

Construction plans (bungalows)

In the future, our plan is to expand our accommodation
capacity by building both a camp site and bungalows.
In addition to expanding accommodation capacity.

It is also planned to arrange the wine cellar.


We offer organized transportation to and from Villa Bilogore
covering the entire Croatian territory.
Transport can be organized for one person only or for a larger number of people.

Special offer

Sunday family lunch – If you want to give yourself a break and avoid the Sunday cooking and dish washing, our chief will be glad to cook instead of you and prepare one of the specialties offered by Villa Bilogore. You only have to make your reservation on time and enjoy yourself.

Family Basket – For those who loves barbecue we will prepare the basket with all necessary ingredients (marinate meat, vegetables, salad, homemade bread, beverage) and let you to enjoy preparing the meal for you and your family.






Villa Bilogore

House for rest

Mala Dapčevica 44
43290 Grubišno Polje
Bjelovarsko-bilogorska županija
Republic of Croatia


Branka Rekić: +385 99 660 8113



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